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Shore Thing Ocean Blue Coastal Floor Rug

Shore Thing Ocean Blue Coastal Floor Rug

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Enshrouded in the depths of mysterious legend, the sand dollar is a celebrated symbol throughout cultures and especially beloved by coastal lovers. Its five holes are believed to some to allude to the five wounds of Jesus Christ.  Others see its purported trove of mermaid coins from the lost city of Atlantis.


Whichever you choose, this calming coastal style will bring peace to your world and home.

This unique Shore Thing Ocean Blue Coastal Floor Rug, with a pattern of sand dollars sprinkled all across its surface, is a perfect way to both invigorate and adorn any room. A conversation starter and a timeless addition to any home, this rug is sure to be a cherished heirloom of years to come.

- Crafted from premium continuous-filament nylon for heavy traffic and durability
- Made in the USA
- Allow 2-3 weeks for crafting and shipment
- Made-to-order

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