Connectable Puzzle Frames

Puzzle Frames make breakout choice for new look in any room
Connectable pieces to suit anyone's color scheme or decor can grow with the family and change with the mood

How many of us still have the same, tired pictures hanging in the living room, bedroom or elsewhere in our home?

It is easy to do when you fall in love with something. But, other than a quick coat of paint, there is no better way to freshen the look of a room than to change out those tired Home Interior pictures. (You remember the home parties, right?)

After all, they are probably faded from the 30+ years hanging in the same place. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but if you're anything like us, it's hard to find wall decor that's speaks personally to you, your family and your tastes. Really, how many people own the same meadow scene print from Walmart® or the beach cove faux painting from Pier 1 Imports®?

Great news for all homes across America, has teamed with their sister site,, to give you the best selection of the latest Puzzle Frames. With over 125 different pieces to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to tell your story.

Many of these pieces look great by themselves, but the general rule of three comes into play here. One is one, Two's a pair, but Three is a proper collection! Each puzzle piece connects flawlessly together like it's smaller, well-known pastime game.

Start your collection with three of your favorite pieces and allow your collection to grow and change over time.

Solagohome's designer recommends starting with one solid color picture frame that complements your room, one double piece to act as the anchor to your collection and one inspirational or spiritual piece that captures you!

Starting your Connectable Puzzle Collage from is easy as 1-2-3


Select from among 125+ different designs, inspirational sayings, spiritual quotes and colors.

Made in the USA. Fast Shipping.

That's right, all of the Puzzle Photo Frames and Pieces are made in the great State of Ohio in the US. In a time when many home decor items are imported, Solagohome's connectable puzzle pieces are homegrown in the States.

To help you know where to start, we've separated the over 125 styles into simple categories. We recommend starting with a Double Puzzle Piece as your anchor, or main supporting piece. This will be the piece you use to center your new puzzle picture collage on your wall. Of course, you can start with any piece you'd like. For instance, select the customer-favorite Every Family Puzzle Piece.

From there, you will pick two additional pieces to hang one on either side of your anchor piece. Here, we recommend selecting a Solid Color Puzzle Piece; one that matches your existing wall color or works best with your decor. Select the solid black piece to define the space or pick up one of the multi-color pieces if you have a rustic, country home.

Finally, select one of the Inspirational or Spiritual pieces. We have a wide selection from the cute Best Dog Ever piece to the dining room-worthy Our Family piece.

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