The perfect meal?

The perfect meal?

What happens when you are waiting to eat that perfect meal?


What do you do?

Is there a time for contemplation?

Do you feel that to enjoy this meal that you will need to hold yourself to a strict regimen, a complete adherence to the form of culture?
What, to you, is the perfect meal?

To these ends, I will concentrate the next following weeks on discovering.

Let's start with some ideas that may have some bearing on the definition of the perfect meal.

Have you ever eaten at the "perfect" French restaurant in your area?

I mean the one with the $$$$ on the OpenTable listing?

The one that takes five or six hours away from your life..?

Yeah, neither have I.

But, there are still those that say that would be the perfect meal. They have the perfect symmetry between all courses. There is a different wine or drink for every course.

There is a story that can be told from the logical progression from the amuse bouche that awakens your taste buds to all that can and will be forthcoming. Until that final dessert course.
Each of these courses builds upon the last. Each one is distinct in its' own subtleness, its' own unique taste...and yet, it has its roots in the previous taste sensation.

The crescendo that each binds your senses is almost organic.

You leave the table with a true sense of loss.

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