Memorial Day


As a veteran, I have come to appreciate the meaning of Memorial Day … not for the BBQ parties with family and friends, but for the honoring of the women and men that have served our country. Their sacrifices provide and maintain the freedoms we enjoy today.

Each and every time I pass a flag waving on a front porch, or a simple flagpole in your lawn, the true meaning of this day presents itself. Each of us holds these truths deep inside. For me, I remember those photos of my grandfather in his WWII uniform. Those men and women, most of them really just kids, giving everything they had to continue our country’s values.

So many Americans take these things for granted, thinking that that was so long ago. Does it even hold today? Yes. I say it does.

The Service Members today have just as much at stake, every single day in peril, so we can continue on with our ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality.

Without those soldiers fighting and dying, thousands of miles away, we would be sitting in a much different world today. 

These great men and women deserve much more than is given to them.

This is what makes this day so very important. We must truly, remember the world can be a wonderful and amazing place to live … a beauty to share and enjoy. But never, ever, take for granted the shoulders of those who made this possible.

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